Faculty Professional Growth Committee

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Faculty Professional Growth Committee to evaluate travel funds requests, sabbatical applications, coursework for salary advancement, flex contracts, and any other items that come under the Committee's purview. To this end, the Committee adheres to the rules, laws, and by-laws that govern it. The Committee's actions and deliberations reflect a commitment to high standards, responsible stewardship of District resources, and the equal, clear, fair, and consistent application of the rules and guidelines it sets forth.






Flex Program




Faculty Professional Growth (FPG) Committee Members:

Becky Plaza, FPG Chair becky.plaza@deltacollege.edu
Nicole Sandoval, Flex Coordinator nicole.sandoval@deltacollege.edu x5281
Haley Clem haley.clem@deltacollege.edu x5440
Martha Villarreal martha.villarreal@deltacollege.edu x5482
Dr. Elizabeth Maloney elizabeth.maloney@deltacollege.edu x5765
Dr. Sarah Seekatz sarah.seekatz@deltacollege.edu x5132
Lisa Stoddart, Academic Senate President lisa.stoddart@deltacollege.edu x5487

For more information please contact:

Professor Becky Plaza
FPG Chair
Phone: (209) 954-5151, x6256
DeRicco 256

Donna Montanez
Administrative Assistant II
Phone: (209) 954-5486
Academic Senate Office, Locke 109