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Technical Review Assistance

Language and Content

Catalog description (content/grammar), objectives, content (outline), assignments, content review, methods of evaluation, methods of instruction, overall grammar and language.



Catalog description (CSU/UC), comparable courses, baccalaureate standards, requisites, textbook currency, GE/ CSU/IGETC/ approval, Chancellor's office requirements (e.g., C-ID approval)

Contact: Joel Beutel

General Education and Transfer

Catalog description (sequence/continuity), units, lab/lecture hours, faculty load, requisites, course impact, degree applicability, Chancellor's office requirements (e.g., stand-alone course)

Contact: Dr. Ginger Holden

Student Learning Outcomes

All components of course and program outcomes and assessments, including mapping

Contact: Jeff Toney

Distance Education

All components of distance education and hybrid course development.

Contact: Lynn Hawley

Career Technical Education (CTE)

CTE, TOP codes, SAM codes.

Contact:  Pedro Méndez