Occupational Work Experience (OWE) Program

Earn Units for completed on-the-job-hours!  The Occupational Work Experience (OWE) Program is designed for college students who are enrolled in a course(s) at San Joaquin Delta College, while working as paid or non-paid/volunteer employees. As a participant of the program, you may earn from 1- 4 units of general college credit per participating semester. You may earn a maximum of 16 units from this program. The goal of this program is to help you develop marketable skills, abilities, attitudes and work habits appropriate to successful employment in a career field!

OWE Program FAQs

How to Qualify for OWE

To be eligible for participation in the Occupational Work Experience program, you must meet the following requirements BEFORE the start of the participating semester:

  • YOU MUST BE EMPLOYED, paid or unpaid, prior to submitting the OWE Application. Note: This program does not find employment for students. For help with finding jobs, developing resumes, and prepping for job interviews, go to the Workforce Development Center.

  • YOU MUST BE ENROLLED in one course in a discipline related to your job. (This course may be taken concurrently or may have been taken the semester immediately prior.)

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