8 Dimensions of WellnessThe mission of College Health and Wellness Advisory Group (CHWAG) is to promote the health and wellness of the campus community, particularly the health and well-being of students to ensure their success at Delta College. The purpose of CHWAG is to act as a recommending body to those units on campus that offer health and wellness programs and services, as well as to the President's Council, and to fulfill a liaison role with community agencies to advance collaborative work on health issues that affect our District population. CHWAG's foundation is reflective of the following six dimensions of the Wellness Model, which offers us a comprehensive approach for our College to address the wide range of needs of our very diverse student population: (1) Social, (2) Physical, (3) Occupational, (4) Intellectual, (5) Spiritual, and (6) Emotional.

Referral Form

To arrange a meeting with a campus counselor, faculty and staff are encouraged to refer students in need of Counseling Services with this referral form. We strongly recommend you speak to the student first regarding your concern, and then inform them of the referral to Counseling Services.

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