The Marketing and Communications Office is responsible for managing the overall marketing and communication efforts for the college. We promote San Joaquin Delta College to potential students and the community by implementing award-winning advertising campaigns, creating graphic design materials and campus publications, managing our campus social media platforms, responding to media inquiries, displaying content to the community with college's marquee boards and developing and maintaining our campus website. We are also here to provide marketing and communications support to faculty and staff.


We use an integrated marketing communications approach in implementing both traditional and non-traditional advertising strategies to promote enrollment at Delta College.

Website Development and Support

We continue to work toward making the website better for our users. While we are generally responsible for managing and maintaining the website, each department is responsible for ensuring that the content on their pages is accurate and up-to-date. We provide web training and support to campus web authors and content managers. For assistance with content updates and to provide feedback on the website, please complete a web help form.

web help form


Publicity Services

We publish a weekly newsletter for students (Delta Digest) and for staff (Friday Focus). Periodically we also  publish a more in-depth newsletter (eReflections). We also maintain the college's internal and external marquee boards, prepare and distribute press releases, and respond to media inquiries. In the community, we have posted billboards and pole banners on and off campus.

The department also monitors and updates the college's official social media platforms:

Please review our Social Media Guidelines before posting on our official social media platforms or creating a new social media account for a program or office.

We provide publicity services to specific programs and events based on staff availability, workload, and other publicity priorities. We will work with you to determine the best approach to promote your event, project, success story and other news-worthy information. This can be in the form of a news coverage, a press release, a media advisory, social media outreach, the Reflections newsletter or a combination of various strategies. It is important for us to have enough lead time to be able to effectively help promote your story. To get started, please complete our Publicity Request Form.

Submit an Event for the website Calendar    Publicity Request Form


Branding, Style Guides, Logos, Templates and more

We establish and enforce the Brand Standards and develop the design for letterheads, business cards, etc. To order business cards and letterheads, log in to the Digital Print Center.

Brand Standards


Graphic Design and Reprographics 

Our graphic design staff designs the creatives for our advertising campaigns and can work with you in developing fliers, posters, brochures, programs and other creative materials. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for the design process. To get started, please submit a design request form available when you log in to the Digital Print Center.

Our Publication Center offers a wide array of digital print services for Delta faculty and staff.

    Promotional Photography and Videography

    As much as possible, we use original campus photography for brochures, ads, publications and our website. We unfortunately do not have a full-time photographer available to take photos of all events or activities unless the photos will be needed for our production or if time permits. A signed photo release form is required for photographs with students. We also work with selected production companies in creating promotional videos for advertising purposes subject to budget availability.  

    Photo Release Form      Class/Group Photo Release Form