Drupal Training Guides

Guidelines and Tutorials for Editing the Delta College Website

The Drupal Training Guides accompanies our in-person Website Editor training.  This guide offers a collection of step-by-step instructions and tutorials to assist you as you work on your area of the Delta College website. They are set up in a deliberate order — with each building on the next.  We encourage you to start at the beginning and continue through each guide to fully understand how to edit content on the Delta College website. 

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get access to edit content on my area's website?

Since launching the redesigned website on a new content management system (Drupal),  we have been busy preparing our training content and materials including style guides and training manuals. Initial training will happen early November 2018 but this training is only for those who need very frequent and immediate content changes. Additional training sessions will be conducted in a phased approach. Dates are still TBD but identified web content authors will be invited to attend by Marketing and Communications.

In the meantime, the staff of Marketing and Communications will make all content updates for areas that do not have a trained web content editor. To request a content update, please submit our Web Help form.

How do I add my event to the Campus Events Calendar?

Contact Marketing and Communication by filling out the web help form to discuss adding an event.

How do I add a news story?

Contact Marketing and Communications by filling out the web help form to discuss adding a news story.

Information in the Campus Directory is incorrect and/or missing. How do I have it updated?

Please submit a web help form request if you need to:

  • Add a new staff member to the directory and/or to your department
  • Change a staff member's information that is currently displayed in the directory
  • Remove a staff member from the directory and/or from your department
  • Reassign a staff member to a different department
  • Remove or change your photo
  • Have a new photo taken 
I have an online form in my area. Where do form submissions go and how do I manage them?

Form submissions are stored within Drupal, but you will also receive a copy via email. If you are not receiving the email copy or need to change the email address, contact us via the web help form. If you need an export of form submissions, we can provide this — just submit a request through the web help form.

How do I get new photos for my website?

The Office of Marketing and Communications has a library of photos that you may use for your area of the website. Additionally, our photographer is available to help with taking new photos. Please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications to discuss more. 

How do I add a video to my website?

To add a video to the Delta College website, the Office of Marketing and Communications will first need to review it for accessibility and content. Once approved, they will add it to the Delta College Youtube channel which we can then embed on your website. We use YouTube as it prevents large files from living on the Web Server, which will slow down the website.

To start the process, please submit a web help form and we will advise you on how best to share the video file to start the process.

How do I add a new page to my area's website?

Contact Marketing and Communications by filling out the web help form to discuss adding a new page to your website.

How do I add I change my area's sidebar navigation?

Marketing and Communications manages the navigations of the site in order to maintain an overall structure that optimizes user experience. If you would like to add, remove or change the text for a link in your sidebar navigation, please submit a request by filling out the web help form.