Registering for Classes

To register for classes at Delta, you will need to have applied and received your username and password. If you haven't already done so, Apply to Delta to get your username and password. If you have already applied, learn more on how to activate your login for the first time. This login information is required to register for classes.


Ways To Register


Class PlannerUse College Scheduler to Register for Classes
Log into Delta's Class Search Tool (College Scheduler) before you begin your class search and to register. (Link is in the upper right corner). If you are properly logged in, you will see the shopping cart option at the top of the screen.

You can still browse for classes without being logged in, but you have to make a note of those classes/section # and manually register those classes using MyDelta.

MyDelta LogoUse the MyDelta portal to Register for Classes
If you do not want to use the Class Search Tool (College Scheduler), you can also log into the registration and portal tool (MyDelta) and use the Manage Class "tile".

You can also use the College Scheduler directly in MyDelta by selecting the Class Search "tile". This will open College Scheduler and you will be logged in. 


You can now use the MyDelta Dashboard (okta) to log into MyDelta or The Class Search Tool

MyDelta Dashboard Login


If you are having issues with registering, please be sure you are not signing up for classes reserved for Dual Enrollment (Classes reserved for High School students), Learning Community classes, or other reserved classes.