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The Collegian is the official student newspaper of Delta College in Stockton, Calif. The paper is published seven times a semester in the fall and spring, typically every other week.

As a First Amendment newspaper, The Collegian prides itself on a commitment to the students of Delta College while maintaining independence. We reinvigorate the credo that the newspaper speaks for the students, checks abuses of power and stands vigilant in the protection of democracy and free speech.

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Delta Broadcasting


Delta's Digital Media program includes an FCC-licensed radio station, green screen studio, audio production labs, and equipment for student use including cameras, stabilizers, audio gear, drones, and more. 

Listen and support college radio.​ We can be heard locally on the FM dial at 93.5 FM and globally online at We are a federally licensed, low-power FM radio station serving Stockton, CA.​ You can download the Radio FX app, search KWDC, set us as your favorite, and take us anywhere!

Visit the KWDC.FM web site

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Delta Winds

Delta Winds is a collection of student opinion essays published each year by the English Department. Available online and print.

Delta Winds

Artifact Nouveau

Artifact Nouveau is a magazine of works by students, faculty, staff, & alumni, of Delta College published by the Writers' Guild.

Artifact Nouveau