How to Register

Registration means enrolling in courses. An Application for Admission and submission of transcripts from other schools must be done prior to registering.

You may register for classes on or after your scheduled date and time, but not before. Please see the registration calendar for registration information, dates and times. In person registration is not available. Before registering, plan the best-fitting classes, manage your time and balance your workload for the semester.


Registering for courses is now done in our new student portal MyDelta. 

Learn How to Register in MyDelta

Wait List

Waiting lists are maintained for all full classes. If space is still available on the waitlist, click the "Add to Wait List" button. If the class and waitlist are full, it is best to make another selection. 

The Waitlist in MyDelta

Drop A Class

You can drop classes any time during your enrollment period and before drop deadlines for the class. 

How to Drop a Class in MyDelta