When Can I Repeat a Course

Course Repeat Petition for a 4th attempt

Effective Fall 2019: A Course Repeat Petition will no longer be required for a third attempt. Simply register for a third attempt on your scheduled online appointment date and time.

You are allowed no more than three enrollments in the same course in which you receive a grading symbol of “D”, “F”, "FW", “NC”, “NP”, or “W”.

After a student has attempted a course three times they must complete this petition to request to enroll in a course for a 4th attempt. The Admissions and Records office will attempt to enroll the student into the course once open enrollment has begun for the semester. Enrollment in requested course will be based on seat availability at the time of open enrollment. If your first choice course is full we will attempt to add you to your alternate choice if indicated. If both are full and there is room on the wait list we will attempt to place you on the available wait list.

Course Repeat Petition Form 


Course Audit Petition

Course audit is defined as the enrollment of a student in a course without award or notation on the student's transcript of credit, units attempted, grade, or grade points.

Eligibility Criteria

You may be permitted to audit classes under the following circumstances:

  • You may be permitted to audit a course only in order to address specific or unusual educational circumstances.
  • Course audit may be requested only upon recommendation of a college counselor and approval of the instructor.
  • If you are auditing a class must complete the same coursework and tests as regularly enrolled students.
  • A course may be audited only one time.
  • Audit is allowed only on a space-available basis after all other credit-seeking students have been added
  • Students enrolled in classes to receive credit for 10 or more semester units shall not be charged a fee to audit three or fewer semester units per semester.

The deadline to submit a Course Audit Petition is:

  • For Fall or Spring Term classes: First Two weeks of the semester.
  • For Summer Intersession classes: First week of the course.
  • All Deadlines Are Final

Course Audit Petition Form


Significant Lapse of Time Petition

Use this petition to request to be permitted to repeat a course that you already received a passing grade in (“C” or better). Please note: 6 years must have passed in order to be considered.

Significant Lapse of Time Petition Form