Evaluations of Transcripts from Other Colleges

If you have attended other colleges in the United States, you should request that official transcripts be sent to San Joaquin Delta College's Evaluations Office. Transcripts are not automatically evaluated for acceptance or equivalent coursework. Once the transcripts have been received by Delta, we will notify you and you can request a transcript evaluation the Evaluation Request Form to have them evaluated for acceptance or equivalent coursework. 

What Transcripts Do I Need to Provide?

To submit an evaluation request form, you need to submit official transcripts. Official transcripts are those that are either sent directly to San Joaquin Delta College from the previous college or hand delivered in the sealed envelope from that college. Transcripts that have been opened or unofficial transcripts are unacceptable and will not be evaluated.

Course Descriptions

In addition to transcripts, Course descriptions and/or a college catalog are required for evaluations of transcript for: 

  • Courses taken at any private college 
  • Courses taken at any out-of-state college 
  • Any course taken at a California public college/university for which the course name or number has changed. Example: course was taken as ENG 100 a number of years ago. The college is now using a 4-digit numbering system and the names have changed. We cannot use the current ENGL 1001 even though it appears to be the same. We need the course description for the ENG 100 that was actually taken.

These documents may be obtained by; contacting the appropriate institution's evaluations/advising department directly, by checking the institution's web site, or by checking the College Source web site at: www.collegesource.org.

Request an Evaluation


Please submit your Transcript Evaluations Form in one of the following ways:

  1. Print, fill out, scan and email to: evaluations-followup@deltacollege.edu
  2. Print, fill out, take a picture of (please make sure it is legible), and attach in an email to: evaluations-followup@deltacollege.edu
  3. If you cannot print, scan or take a picture of; please email us at evaluations-followup@deltacollege.edu with the following information:
    1. Subject: Type of Petition
    2. In the email please list your Name, Student ID# and all of the information that is being asked on the Transcript Evaluation Form.


Transcripts are not automatically evaluated for acceptance or equivalent coursework. Once all transcripts, catalogs, and/or course descriptions have been received, you may request an evaluation. Evaluations may be requested for:

  • a degree, certificate, or general education certification
  • registration purposes (i.e. to satisfy a prerequisite)

A minimum of 25 weeks is required for completion of the evaluation.

To submit your request, Complete the Transcript Evaluation Form and submit in person or by mail.

In Person

At the Admissions, Records & Registration service area located in the Delta connect Center on the first floor of the DeRicco Student Services Building. Click here for service window hours.

By Mail

SJDC-Evaluations Office (Attn: Evaluation Transcript Request)
5151 Pacific Avenue, Box 102
Stockton, CA 95207