Certificate Requirements & Applications

Certificate Requirements

The Board of Trustees, as authorized by the California Community Colleges Board of Governors, shall award a Certificate of Achievement to students who have successfully completed required credit coursework and developed capabilities relating to career or general education as outlined in the College Catalog. The Board of Trustees shall award a Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Competency to students who have successfully completed required noncredit coursework that prepare students to progress in a career path or undertake degree-applicable or nondegree-applicable credit courses.

A Certificate of Completion is designed to improve employability or job opportunities. A Certificate of Competency is designed to demonstrate achievement of a set of competencies.

  • Content and assessment standards for certificates shall ensure that certificate programs are consistent with the District’s mission, meet a demonstrated need, are feasible, and adhere to guidelines on academic achievement
  • Students must complete all the prescribed course work leading to the certificate as listed in the College Catalog. A minimum of six units or one-third of the certificate’s core course work (whichever is greater) must be completed at San Joaquin Delta College. These units must derive from the specific subject matter area in which the certificate is granted.
  • Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in all courses required in a Certificate of Achievment. In the case of the California State University (CSU) General Education Certificate of Achievement, standards are established by CSU, which requires a minimum grade of “C” or better only in specifically defined courses as indicated in the College Catalog. Students must earn a grade of "P" in all courses required in a Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Competency.
  • The Office of Admissions and Records shall certify that a student has completed the requirements for the certificate, and the award will be noted on student transcripts.
  • The Discipline Group may waive a portion of the Certificate of Achievement requirement if the student has met the requirement in an alternate manner. However, the overall minimum unit requirement as specified in Title 5, Section 55070 must be satisfied.
  • Certificates of Achievement eligible for financial aid consist of a sequence of courses with a minimum of 16 semester units. Low unit certificates, consisting of a sequence of courses with a minimum of 8 semester units, are not eligible for financial aid.
  • Certificates for which California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office approval is not sought may be given any name or designation deemed appropriate except for Certificate of Achievement, Certificate of Completion, or Certificate of Competency.

Course Substitutions for Certificates

Course Substitutions are intended to meet emergency situations. Substitutions are not usually granted more than one semester in advance. Course Substitutions are applicable in situations where the student believes he/she has taken an equivalent course or when a required course is unavailable and an equivalent needs to be recommended. The Division Discipline Group MUST approve all certificate substitutions.

To request a course substitution, please contact the Evaluations Office to complete a Course Substitution Form.

Apply for and Receiving Your Certificate

Certificate applications are submitted at the beginning of the term during which the student expects to complete the certificate requirements.

Apply for Your Certificate

Certificate Postings and Mailings

The Certificate(s) CANNOT be posted to the student's record until after the end of the term during which it was earned. This usually occurs during the second or third week following the end of that term. It could take longer if the student took a class that ends beyond the end of the term, as all grades must be posted. It could also be delayed if the student has an "Incomplete" to clear or has submitted a grade change request.

The certificates are mailed approximately two months after the end of the term. The approximate availability dates are as follows:

  • Summer: mid-October
  • Fall: late February
  • Spring: late July