Outcomes for the Academic Senate

Goals on which the outcomes were based:

  • Transparency in operations and products of the senate
  • Foster inclusion & participation in shared governance
  • Effective collaboration with academic management
  • Regular assessment of academic programs and learning objectives

Outcome #1

The College community will be able to identify that the Academic Senate operates as a transparent entity.


  • Survey
  • Multiple measures (attendance at meetings, public comments)

Outcome #2

The College community participates and is included in the operations of the Academic Senate.


  • Academic Senate Attendance
  • Academic Senate public comments
  • Participation in outstanding students
  • Participation in meetings and committee forums
  • Basic senate representation on committees

Outcome #3

The Academic Senate ensures its inclusion in the collaboration processes relating to the 10+1 areas of Academic Senate's primary functions.


  • Survey

Outcome #4

The Academic Senate regularly assesses Academic Programs and Learning Outcomes


  • Program Reviews
  • Curriculum Data
  • Equity Scorecard
  • AB 1417 ARCC
  • Data Warehouse

Spring 2008 Academic Senate Survey Results