Curriculum Committee Overview

The Curriculum Committee is a vital and dynamic body, which is dedicated to helping faculty develop course and program level curriculum that will enrich the lives of Delta College students. Representing various areas of expertise (e.g., career technical education, counseling, general education, library, articulation), members of the committee work as a team to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Advise on planning and coordinating of curriculum development to include course classification, certificate and degree programs, general education transfer programs, credit, non-credit, and not-for-credit courses, and recommend approval of all certificate, degree,and/or course revisions and new certificates, programs, and/or courses
  • Evaluate requests and authorize examinations for students who wish to receive credit by examination
  • Advise on support services required for instructional needs including, but not limited to, Library Services, and Academic Computing
  • Coordinate short-term and long-range curricular and instructional planning
  • Ensure consistency of operation with district and/or state-wide policies and regulations
  • Recommend instructional policies and procedures
  • Advise on articulation matters
  • Review and verify student learning outcomes and assessments for courses and programs, and ensure alignment with institutional student learning outcomes

Curriculum Committee Membership

Josefina Gomez Curriculum Committee Chair
Veronica Oregel Curriculum Support Coordinator*^
Jeff Toney Student Learning Outcomes Coordinator (2019-2021)* x5207
Lynn Hawley
Distance Education Chair*
Joel Beutel
Articulation Officer*
Bee Vang Career Technical Education Representative (2019-2021)
Peter Shin
Career Technical Education Representative (2019-2021)
Darin Brown  General Education Representative (2020-2022)

Sarah Antinora General Education Representative (2019-2021) x5533
Raichelle Grays Counseling Representative (2019-2021) x6267
Loren Valterza Library Representative (2019-2021) x5252
Dr. Ginger Holden Dean of Student Learning and Assessment* x5040
Vacant Student Representative  
Dr. Lisa Lawrenson Asst. Superintendent/Vice President of Instruction and Planning*^ x5036
*Ex-officio member, ^Non-voting member