The Academic Senate appoints faculty representatives to all standing committees. Representatives are asked to give reports on committee activities to the Senate each semester.

Committees, Senate representatives, and their contact information are listed on the chart below. Click on the name to email the representative. For specific information and the charge of any committee, refer to the San Joaquin Delta College Committee Book.

Curriculum Committee


Name Role Email Extension
Veronica Oregel Curriculum Support Coordinator*^ x5867
Jeff Toney Student Learning Outcomes Coordinator (2021-2023)* x5207
Lynn Hawley Distance Education Chair* x5443
Joel Beutel Articulation Officer* x5225
Bee Vang Career Technical Education Representative (2022-2024) x5283
Karen Vance Career Technical Education Representative (2021-2023) x5411
Darin Brown General Education Representative (2021-2023) x5346
Sarah Antinora General Education Representative (2021-2023) x5533
Raichelle Grays Counseling Representative (2021-2023) x6267
Loren Valterza Library Representative (2022-2024) x5252
Dr. Ginger Holden Dean of Student Learning and Assessment* x5040
Vacant Student Representative   -----
Danell Hepworth Dean of CTE & Workforce Development* x5079

Distance Education Committee

Name Email Extension
Lynn Hawley, Distance Education Chair* x5443
Becky Plaza, Academic Senate President* x5487
Vivie Sinou, Dean of Regional & Distance Education* x5812
Ana De La Mora, Professional Development & DE Coordinator*^ x5879
Dr. Greg Gibson, SS.E.PS Rep. (2022-2024) x5274
Monica Fuentes, H & F Rep. (2021-2023) x5454
Mary Ellison, Math, Science, Computer Science, and Engineering (2021-2023) x6079
Leane Zarate, Recorder*^ x5486
John Cavano, Disability Support Programs & Services  x6106
Daniel Ng, Arts and Communication Division, Library x6082
Guillermo Giron, Professor & World Languages Department Co-Chair x5738

Employee Diversity and Professional Development Committee

Name Email Extension
Nicole Sandoval – A (2022-2024) x5281
Dr. Lisa William – C (2022-2024) x5442

Facilities Committee

Name Email Extension
Kevin Bautch – A (2022-2024) x5469
Dr. Josefina Gomez– A (2021-2023) x5862
Charlene Nunes – C (2022-2024) x5819
Jennifer Barrows – C (2021-2023) x5590
Dr. Solyn Laney – A (2021-2023) x6260
Johnathan Cardiel – C (2022-2024) x5404

Faculty Professional Growth (FPG) Committee

Nicole Sandoval - FPG Chair* (2021-2023) x6256
Becky Plaza – Academic Senate President*^ x5487
Dr. Elizabeth Maloney– C (2022-2024) x5765
Alex Taddei x5239
James Neal x8399
Tanya Brauer x5252
Leane Zarate, Recorder*^ x5486

General Education Committee

Joel Beutel, General Education Committee Chair x5225
Becky Plaza – Academic Senate President*^ x5487
Dr. Ginger Holden, Dean of Student Learning & Assessment* x5040
Shelly Hanna, Language & Rationality (2021-2023) x5508
Paul Ustach, Natural Sciences (2022-2024) x5355
Manuel Camacho, Humanities (2021-2023) x5271
Joel Blank, American Institutions (2021-2023) x6292
Daniel Baker, Social & Behavioral Sciences (2021-2023) x5432
Rocio Ochoa, Awareness of Self and Society (2022-2024) x5327
Shaun Suy, Counseling (2021-2023) x6270
Dr. Andrzej Kobylanski, CTE (2022-2024) x5423
Leane Zarate, Recorder*^ x5486

Heritage Committee

Jessica Morrow – A (2021-2023)

Planning & Budget Committee

Jordan Giannoni – C (2022-2024) x5548
Danielle Yancey – A (2022-2024) x5354
Travis Cardoso – C (2022-2024) x5230
Dr. Josefina Gomez – A (2021-2023) x5862
Vicky Franco – C (2021-2023) x6269
Dr. Harry Mersmann – A (2021-2023) x5417
Sunny Williams – C (2022-2024) x5465

Policies & Procedures Review Committee

Becky Plaza – Academic Senate President* (2022-2024) x5487
Jeff Toney – Academic Senate 2nd VP* (2022-2024) x5207
Dr. Wes Swanson – CTA 2nd VP* (2022-2024) x5163
Dr. Harry Mersmann – Proxy for Dr. Maloney, CTA President* (2022-2024) x5417

President's Council

Becky Plaza, Academic Senate President *

Student Success & Equity Committee

Jeff Toney, SLO Coordinator* x5207
Gwen Maciel – A (2022-2024) x6289
Lena Zaghmouri – A (2022-2024) x5209
Dr. Cirian Villavicencio – A (2021-2023) x5265
Dr. Malika Hollinside – A (2022-2024) x5258
Brad Hannan – CTE (2021-2023) x5518
Heather Bradford – Counseling (2022-2024) x6240
Jayme Jones – Counseling (2022-2024) x6255
Sharmila Nathaniel – Counseling (2021-2023) x6254
Mark Slakey, Basic Skills (2022-2024) x5316
Dr. Sarah Antinora – Basic Skills (2021-2023) x5533
Amber Wolak – Basic Skills (2022-2024) x5524
Nicole Brown – C (2022-2024) x5557
Eric MacDonald – C (2022-2024) x5519
Gabrielle Myers – C (2022-2024) x5589

United Way

Julie Jose – A (2021-2023)


Becky Plaza – A (2022-2024)
Dr. Elizabeth Maloney – C (2022-2024) x5765

Legislative Advocacy 

Ricardo Aguilar – A (2022-2024) x5213


A – Academic Senate appointment, C – CTE appointment
*Ex-officio voting member, ^Ex-officio non-voting member