Emeritus Status

What is “Emeritus Status”?

Emeritus status is an honorific designation provided to retiring faculty and management members who have shown longstanding service and leadership to San Joaquin Delta College, the communities it serves, and/or their professional organizations. 

Emeritus faculty and managers: 

  1. Retain the title of their position upon retirement and shall continue to be listed as an emeritus manager or faculty in relevant College publications until their death. 
  2. Are eligible to participate in commencement ceremonies and receive the same privileges of access to campus events and facilities as full time employees (athletic contests, cultural and artistic performances, social events). 

Emeritus status is an honorary title and does not bestow any monetary benefit upon the recipient. 

Who qualifies for Emeritus Status? 

Any faculty member, full time or part time, who has worked at San Joaquin Delta College for at least twenty years is eligible for emeritus status. Faculty who are granted emeritus status must have provided “meritorious contributions” to the campus, which include: sustained, exemplary service to the district, and extensive leadership to the district or in their local, state, regional, or national professional associations. Emeritus status is reserved for retired individuals only. 

How do I nominate someone for Emeritus Status? / Submission Guidelines

Those who wish to nominate a retired or retiring faculty member for emeritus status must provide a letter (outline below) to the Academic Senate Administrative Assistant, Donna Montanez, via dmontanez@deltacollege.edu. The letter shall provide evidence that can be weighed by the Academic Senate in order to make a formal recommendation. Please see the required information below. 

The letter must include: 

  1. Name of nominee for emeritus status 
  2. Date of Retirement 
  3. Department and TRAC 
  4. Position(s) held on campus 
  5. Length of Employment 
  6. Examples of exemplary service and meritorious contributions 
  7. Examples of leadership in the San Joaquin Community College District 
  8. Examples of leadership in local, state, regional or national professional associations 
  9. Honors received 
  10. Other notable accomplishments during their employment 
  11. Name(s) of those who are nominating the individual, along with title and contact information. 

Please note that the Academic Senate may use some or all of the letter in their recommendation process for board approval. 

Who can nominate someone for Emeritus Status? 

Current San Joaquin Delta College faculty, administration, management, and staff are eligible to nominate a retiring or retired faculty member for emeritus status. We encourage submissions from the faculty member’s current Dean, Department Chair, TRAC colleagues, or close faculty friends. 

What is the process and timeline for submission and acceptance? 

Your nomination letter will be reviewed by the Academic Senate leadership team. The Academic Senate will review the nominating letter within one month of submission, voting on whether to formally recommend that the nominee receive emeritus status. The Academic Senate's recommendation will then be forwarded to the Superintendent/President and presented to the Board of Trustees for formal approval, which may take an additional month. 
Sample Letter: 
San Joaquin Delta Emeritus Professors: 

More information: 

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