San Joaquin Delta College offers its employees the ability to travel for College business and for personal growth and re-training opportunities offered elsewhere in accordance with the employee's role with the District.

Quick Resources

Before You Travel

  1. Complete a Travel Request Form.
    PLEASE NOTE: For insurance purposes, a form MUST be completed even if no District funds are used. For additional information, see the District Travel User Guide.
  2. Have your Travel Request Form approved by your division/department manager and your corresponding Vice President.
  3. Submit your approved Travel Request Form and supporting documentation to the Office of Fiscal Services (Horton Administration Building, Room 201) for processing. A minimum of ten (10) business days is required for processing. Prepayment checks cannot be guaranteed for travel requests submitted within ten (10) business days of departure.

After You Travel

  1. Gather all of your receipts together, including:
    • Conference/Registration Fee 
    • Itemized Lodging Receipt
    • Meals (if a SMART card was used)
    • Parking
    • Airfare
    • Baggage Fees
  2. Complete a Travel Claim Form within ten (10) calendar days of returning from your trip. PLEASE NOTE: If unexpected expenses should arise that are greater than the "Not to Exceed" line on the initial Travel Request Form, a department/division manager is required to authorize the additional expenses.
  3. Submit the completed District Travel Claim Form and receipts within ten (10) days post travel to the Office of Fiscal Services (Horton Administration Building, Room 201).
  4. A reimbursement check will be processed within ten (10) business days and mailed to the address on record with the District.


For questions and/or more information about Employee Travel, Wendy Joos at or (209) 954-5031.