Vault Services / Cashier Office

All Payment Forms Accepted

Vault Services / Cashier's Office staff is committed to providing quality customer service. Vault Services is responsible for collection and deposit of all District funds in accordance with State and Federal regulations. We work closely with various departments to develop and implement cash receipting and cash handling procedures. The Vault maintains and controls the District's petty cash fund and disburses funds in accordance with District policies.

Vault Services Assist Students, Faculty, and Staff with Payments for:

  • Supplemental student fees
  • Equipment rentals
  • Career Tests
  • Bike Locker Rentals
  • Child care payments
  • Bad debt and breakage
  • Financial Aid repayment

Other Services

  • Petty cash reimbursements
  • Deposit verification and preparation
  • Chaffee award disbursements
  • General Ledger posting
  • Currency orders
  • Personal check ($100 or less) and District issued reimbursement
    check cashing for active employees

Deposit Processing Requirements

All deposits must be hand-delivered to Vault Services for processing within one business day of receipt* and must include:

  1. Submission in a tamper-proof bag (available from Vault Services staff) and signed in dual custody
  2. District deposit form signed in dual custody
  3. Register report/receipt or other sales end-of-day summary or Tally sheet indicating total items purchased/sold if no point-of-sale system is used
  4. Transportation to Vault Services by two individuals or escorted by Campus Police
  5. Logged into the Vault Services cash deposit log - a triplicate cash receipt will be generated for each transaction.

* Funds kept overnight must be stored in a District approved secure location

Please read the District Cash Handling Procedures for more information.