Any gift of cash or cash equivalents, securities, real or personal property, gifts in kind, pledges, planned gifts, endowments, gifts of scholarship or matching funds or any other item of value that is designated as a gift may be donated to San Joaquin Delta Community College District or the Delta College Foundation (AP3820 Gifts and Scholarships). The Delta College Board of Trustees or the Delta College Foundation Board of Directors will accept or decline gifts in accordance with the donor's intent. Such gifts will be used as prescribed by the donor in conformance with the policies and procedures of the District and/or the bylaws of the Foundation.

Unless specified by the donor, scholarship funds received to benefit San Joaquin Delta College will become the property of the District or the Delta College Foundation.

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If the donation is declined, the donor will be notified by the Fiscal Services Department.

Unless donated to the Foundation, all scholarship funds are processed by Financial Aid and Veteran's Services. A completed Scholarship Agreement Form is required to establish a scholarship account. Contact Cheryl De La Cruz for more information.

The Foundation is classified as tax-exempt nonprofit organization 501(c)(3).

Federal and state laws recognize and reward charitable giving. Because each situation is different, individuals are urged to consult their financial advisor prior to donating.