Flex Program

Flex is a program for faculty professional development related to staff, student, or instructional improvement administered by a Flex Program Coordinator through the Faculty Professional Growth (FPG) Committee.

A variety of activities are eligible for Flex credit. Examples include: On-campus workshops, Department activities such as program reviews, Individual projects such as new course/module development, Professional association conferences and coursework not for salary advancement. 

Failure to complete and document your hours may result in loss of pay in the final pay warrant of the semester. 

Flex FAQs

Chancellor's Office Flex Category Guidelines

This list is intended only as a guide. Flex Activities are not limited to these categories. Note that some activities may address more than one category and that many Library and PDC Workshops are «flex-eligible"

Staff Improvement

  • Developing new programs (e.g., workshop on designing curriculum/programs)
  • Faculty and Counselor meetings to address areas of concern
  • Workshops on grant writing
  • Learning a second language to better communicate with our diverse student population
  • Improving computer/technology skills

Student Improvement

  • Developing new program to meet changing student needs
  • Review of Learning resource materials to eliminate out-dated items, making recommendations for additions
  • Mentoring students
  • Institutional research focused on meeting student needs (e.g., job market surveys, transfer ratios, gender equity)
  • Outreach for special projects (e.g., Math, Engineering and Science Achievement (MESA) Program)

Instructional Improvement

  • Attending workshops on teaching methods (e.g., classroom-based research training, Instructional Skills Workshops (ISW) local, regional, national Great Teachers Seminar)
  • Developing or revision of programs, course curriculum, learning resources and evaluation
  • Developing new courses
  • Conferences, workshops which address staff diversity, sexual harassment, cultural diversity, multicultural activities