Interpreting and Captioning

Interpreters and CART Providers are hired to facilitate communication between students and their instructors, counselors and other students. The Interpreter's responsibilities are to voice communication from the Deaf or Hard of Hearing students to others and interpret spoken communication into sign language. The CART Provider's responsibility is to write spoken communication which is then read from a laptop computer immediately after it is spoken. Note-takers are volunteers in the same class as the Deaf or Hard of Hearing student. The Note-taker and the student must come to DSPS and sign up.

Once students have been approved for services by a DSPS counselor, the Interpreter Coordinator will assist in facilitating to ensure services are provided in a timely manner. The Coordinator will provide guidelines on how to utilize services through the following agreement forms:

Service Providers
Photo of Gwen Maciel
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Coordinator & Adjunct Instructor in Modern Languages
(209) 954-5151 , ext: x6289
Certified Interpreter
(209) 954-5151, ext: 6226