Services Provided by DSPS

The primary purpose of DSPS is to provide access and support to students in academic programs. Staff assists students with academic accommodations and services authorized by DSPS counselors.  A student's Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP) is developed for each student. This plan links student´s goals, curriculum program, and academic accommodations to his/her specific disability-related educational or functional limitation. 


Key Services
Accommodated Testing

Some students require special equipment, time considerations, reading (for visually limited) and/or writing assistance, or a quiet environment to take a content area test. DSPS staff works with students and instructors to coordinate the necessary accommodations. For more information regarding this service, contact Wendy Lieginger, Student Program Specialist at (209) 954-5151, ext. 6152 or

Adaptive Computer Technology

Students requiring accommodations for computer access may enroll in courses designed to introduce and build skills with specialized programs and hardware including: voice-recognition, screen readers, text enlargement, scanner with optical character recognition, and cognitive rehabilitation programs. DSPS computer support labs are located in DeRicco 115 and Danner 202B. For more information regarding this service, set an appointment to see a DSPS counselor at (209) 954-5151, ext.6272 and then stop by DeRicco 115.

Alternate Formatting

Alternate Formatting services such as Braille, large print, electronic text, and tactile graphics are provided to students with visual, learning and/or orthopedic disabilities to allow alternate access to textbooks and other printed materials. For more information regarding this service, contact Lucia Hinostroza at (209) 954-5151, ext.6224 or

Campus/Community Liaison

DSPS counseling staff and the LD Coordinator work with students and instructors to provide academic accommodations and solve various problems that may arise within the classroom environment. Staff also serves as a liaison between students with disabilities and other campus resources. DSPS staff also provides students with referral information on a variety of important community services related to transportation, employment, rehabilitation, training, and social services. For more information regarding this service, contact the DSPS main office at (209) 954-5151, ext.6272.

Equipment Loan

The DSPS office may loan equipment to students to improve access to instruction. Examples of adaptive aids and devices include: tape recorders, closed circuit television, magnifiers, electric scooters, manual and electric wheelchairs, talking calculators, Alpha-Smart word processors, and hearing amplifier systems. Equipment must be used appropriately and returned as agreed when borrowed. Services are approved by DSPS counselor only. For more information regarding this service or to schedule an appointment with a DSPS counselor, contact the DSPS main office at( 209) 954-5151, ext.6272.

Interpreting and Captioning

The DSPS provides accommodations to support students in the classroom. These support services include Sign Language Interpreters and CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation), providers. To receive services from DSPS, students must complete the enrollment and intake process. Go to Getting Started page to begin. For additional information about the services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, check out the links below:

Mobility and Furniture Accommodations

Students who are physically limited and require help to traverse the campus for classes can receive mobility assistance through the Mobility/Health Unit. For more information regarding this service, contact the Roy Juarez, Mobility Specialist, at (209) 954-5878.


Students authorized by a DSPS counselor to receive note-taking services for the current semester may work with a student who is registered in the same class (at the same time) to take notes.

Learn More About Notetaking

Specialized Counseling

DSPS provides academic, vocational, and personal counseling to students with a verified disability requiring special consideration in the academic or career planning process. Our counselors also work closely with Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) counselors to ensure students receive services that are applicable to their needs. For more information regarding this service or to schedule an appointment with a DSPS counselor, contact the DSPS main office at (209) 954-5151, ext.6272.

Specialized Courses

Credit Courses (Learning Skills/LS):

  • LS 073 - Memory and Thinking Strategies
  • LS 077 - Introduction to Computers
  • LS 078 - Understanding Learning Differences
  • LS 090A - Beginning Adapted Keyboarding
  • LS 090B - Intermediate Adapted Keyboarding

Credit/No Credit Courses

(Adapted Physical Education-P. E. Activities/PEACTIV)

  • PEACTIVE 039E - Adapted Swimming
  • PEACTIVE 039F - Adapted Conditioning 

Non-credit Courses

(Adaptive Learning-Transition to Work/ALTW, formerly Special Education/SP ED courses):

  • ALTW 131 - Reading
  • ALTW 132 - Math
  • ALTW 133 - Community Integration
  • ALTW 134 - Health Education

Students should see a DSPS counselor for more information about each course and the necessary accommodations relevant to student’s needs. Contact the DSPS main office at (209) 954-5151, ext. 6272 to schedule an appointment.

Workability III / Job Placement

The Workability III Program is designed to serve the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) clients who attend Delta College. DSPS works with other agencies, including the WorkNet Center as well as DOR to assist students to find employment upon completion of their educational program. Appointments to meet with a DOR counselor can be scheduled in the DSPS Counseling Office. For more information regarding this service, contact Esmeralda Gomez, Student Program Specialist, at (209) 954-5151, ext.6287.