Maintaining Participation in DSPS

Continuation of DSPS Services

Completing the following requirements means you are an active DSPS student and can receive priority registration.

In order to receive services through the DSPS program, students must meet with a DSPS counselor at least once a semester to: 

  • Review academic accommodations
  • Update Student Educational Plan (SEP)
  • Discuss disability management-related concerns or issues
  • Receive approval for Alternate Text Formatting, Accommodated Testing Services to include extra time on exams & quizzes, Equipment Loan, Note Taking services, Mobility services, etc.

Services are not automatically approved for the academic year. DSPS counselors determine accommodations based on the student's functional and/or educational limitation as detailed in the student's disability verification documentation.

To maintain eligibility with DSPS schedule an appointment with the DSPS counselor, call 209-954-5151, ext.6272. Go to this link and click Chat Now -