Prerequisite Registration Clearance or Issues

If you have attended other colleges in the United States, your official sealed transcripts are required to be on file with the Admissions & Records Office a minimum of 10 days prior to registering for class(es) to allow for processing and prerequisite verification. Upon receipt of the official transcript, only the most commonly needed course prerequisites will be entered into your Academic History in MyDelta. Not all prior college coursework is entered for automatic prerequisite clearance. If you have additional courses you wish to use for prerequisite clearance, please follow the steps below!

Request Prerequisite Clearance

Send the following information to

  1. Name:
  2. Delta ID:
  3. Registration Date and Time:
  4. Issue:
  5. Course you are requesting to use to meet the pre-requisite requirement:
  6. Course name you are requesting to add:
  7. Course Section # (5 digit):
  8. Course Descriptions for courses you took at a private college and/or any college outside of California. Course descriptions must be verifiable (copied or printed from the catalog, or print screened to show the

Note: If we can determine that you have met the required course prerequisite, and you are still having trouble adding the course, the 5-digit course section number will be required for identification and manual add assistance.

Help With Your Prerequisite Registration Clearance or Issues

Live Chat

On your registration date and time, use the Live Help feature within MyDelta to get your questions answered! 

Please note that during peak registration periods, wait times may be longer than estimated. DO NOT close the window and start a second request, as multiple requests will result in a longer wait time. 

If you are having technical issues while using Live Help, please try a different Internet browser, or use the email option for assistance.

Email Us

Send your questions to We will respond to all email requests as quickly as possible.