1999 Pull Quotes

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Pull Quotes

  • Thanks
    "Two years had passed and all I had to show for it was an additional twenty pounds and a receipt for two busted windshields."
  • The Real Root of All Evil? Overpopulation!
    "Mankind has a responsibility to the planet, our own species and to other life forms to limit reproduction."
  • "Do You Have A License to Bear Children?"
    "I freak out every time I observe a pubescent female with a cigarette dangling from the corner of her mouth, while her belly incubates a life."
  • Life's Little Freebies
    "I bent down and gave him a kiss on the nose and thanked him for the beautiful flower."
  • The Coast
    "I could just sink down and sort of melt into the sand."
  • Anger
    "Last week's mayhem becomes only a distant anecdote."
  • Marriage Rethought
    "It seems unfair for children to grow up in a country where half of all children will experience divorce in their families before they reach the age of eighteen."
  • The Great Escape
    "There he goes, my husband's pride and joy, with his big rump swaying side to side."
  • A Poor Neighborhood
    "Undernourished dogs, skin stretched across their protruding ribs, roamed the town for scraps of food to eat."
  • Bell's Diablo Rogue
    "Tears threatened as I gazed at this incredibly beautiful creature standing before me."
  • A Breath-Taking View
    ". . . on a crystal clear day you can see the Golden Gate and Mt. Tamalpias from on top of this perch--provided you are willing to expend a little energy to get there."
  • On Toon Patrol
    "Is the TV an electronic babysitter, or a dysfunctional teacher?"
  • Happy-Dark-Enlightenment
    "I had to show them not to be scared of going to a new school with a new and different language."
  • One for the Top, Please
    "She moved her fingers with fluid motion, like those people who roll coins over the tops of their fingers."
  • An Evening With My Father
    ". . . my father found a voice from within his quiet soul, a voice that surprised us both."
  • I Can See the Rainbow
    "The Internet will steal most of America's time."