2001 Delta Winds

A Magazine of Student Essays

A Publication of San Joaquin Delta College 2001

Delta Winds cover 2001

Table of Contents

  • Loving Life in Montana
    Lori Bruno discovers the beauty of life as a ranchhand at an isolated hunting lodge.
  • A Memorable Place
    Brandi Williams recalls the details of weekend sailing outings with her father.
  • America's Shell Game
    Steven Price questions how Americans have become accustomed to shifting blame and avoiding the truth.
  • Are You a Father or a Daddy?
    Ken Moffett discusses how fatherhood changed his life.
  • Compassion's Harvest
    Kevin Walcott finds himself rescued by a familiar stranger.
  • Coming Home: A Study in Contrast
    Ken Moffett compares the treatment of Vietnam War veterans to that of previous returning soldiers.
  • Crowding the Aisles
    Becki Lynn Webber argues in favor of reduced class sizes in our schools.
  • Drowning in Sorrow
    Lori Bruno tells how tragic accidents can change lives.
  • Materialism
    Carmela Brown analyzes what is lost in a family when material goods are gained.
  • Mrs. Smith's Kindergarten Class
    Mary Hernandez describes the strange behavior found in a kindergarten class through the eyes of an immigrant child.
  • School Safety: Is It a Lost Cause?
    Jennifer Lewis presents examples of ways to guard against school violence.
  • The Choice
    Becki Lynn Webber raises the question of looks versus brains and long-term rewards.
  • Too Busy for Dreaming
    Irma Diaz finds no help in caring for the family while balancing her full-time job with her schoolwork.
  • True Nature
    Dung Nguyen points out how the selfish nature of people can be found in our society and in Greek mythology.
  • The Bookmakers
    Robert Phillips considers life as a book in the caring hands of a bookbinder.