2012 Delta Winds

A Magazine of Student Essays

A Publication of San Joaquin Delta College 2012

Delta Winds cover 2012

Table of Contents

  • Letter from the Editors
  • A Moment Most Sad
    John Hawkins reflects on his saddest memory and how it has changed his outlook on life.
  • Epiphany
    Dennis Zevely speaks of being bogged down, lost without ambition, waiting for change to arrive.
  • Hamlet: Anti-Hero
    TyaCamellia Allred lays out the particulars that prove Hamlet to be far from the heroic figure so commonly believed.
  • Ice Cream Cone
    Juan Pimentel describes the childhood days when he was forced into a life as an outcast.
  • Parent and Child Communication
    Amanda Tamayo advises parents on how to refrain from passing on unattractive behavior patterns.
  • Sister to Sister
    Taylor Stuart, in a personal letter, celebrates her sister's attributes and offers kind words of caution.
  • The Invidious Nature of Competition
    Donald Kovis argues that the excesses of competition trigger more negative human behavior than positive.
  • The Little Girl Once Called Faith
    Cara Rapphun searches for a missing mother and for answers to questions about her personal identity.
  • The Peripheral Canal: What It Means for the Delta
    Tamara Piazza discusses water rights, levee failures, and exporting water to Southern California through a controversial water project.
  • The Tenth Muse
    Maximiliano Canales analyzes a Sor Juana poem from the 1600s criticizing irrational and hypocritical male behavior.
  • What's So Beautiful About It?
    Evangelina Lomas grows into the given name that causes struggles through her childhood.