Comm Studies 052 Speech Activities and Advocacy

This course is designed to provide academic credit for participation in community speech activities and intercollegiate speech tournaments, workshops, and intramural speech activities. The student researches, writes, develops programs, works on debate and extemporaneous speech files, and delivers public speaking assignments including but not limited to debates, public speaking activities, oral interpretation of literature, and readers' theatre. (CSU, C-ID COMM 160B)

Student delivers speech during speech and debate practice


COM ST-001A Fundamentals of Speech or COM ST-002 Oral Interpretation of Literature or COM ST-005 Argumentation and Debate each with a grade of "C" or better.

Prerequisite Skills

  • Advisory Reading Level II.

All Com St 052 sections for Spring 2018 are being taught by Professor Kathleen Bruce. Please visit the College Catalog.