English Electives

Explore the world of literature and creative written expression through our suggested electives.  Our electives are suited for both English majors and non-Majors, each covering a wide variety of topics and skills!

Cultural Studies

  • Chicano Literature: Read and study Chicano literature and culture (Eng 035)
  • Women in Literature: An introduction to literature focusing on the lives of women (Eng 037 online)
  • Film as Literature: Analyze and write about film (Eng 030; main campus and Mtn House)
  • Mythology: An introduction to Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology (Eng 038 Hybrid, online, and Mtn House)
  • The Bible as Literature: A literary study of the Bible and its influence on Western literature (Eng 047 online)
  • Children’s Literature: Recommended for the future teacher! (Eng 057)

Studying The Greats!

  • World Literature I: A survey of world literature through the 17th century (Eng 043C hybrid)
  • World Literature II: A survey of world literature up to the 21st century (Eng 043D hybrid)
  • Introduction to Shakespeare: An introduction to Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets (Eng 045; online)
  • Studies in Drama: An introduction to drama as a literary genre
  • Studies in Fiction: An introduction to fiction (short stories, novellas, and novels) (Eng 055B online)
  • Studies in Poetry: An introduction to poetic language, forms, and themes (Eng 055C)
  • From Story to Screen: Analyze and write about the changes and their effects in adapting literature for film (Eng 052)
  • Survey in American Literature I: An introduction to American literature through the Civil War (Eng 042A)
  • Survey of American Literature II: An introduction to American literature up to the 21st century (Eng 042B)
  • Survey of British Literature I: An introduction to British literature through the 18th century (Eng 046A)
  • Survey of British Literature II: An introduction to British literature, the Romantics through the 20th century (Eng 046B)

Creative Writing

  • Introduction to Creative Writing: Recommended for the beginning creative writer! (Eng 049A online)
  • Creative Writing - Fiction: A practice in the forms of fiction (Eng 049B)
  • Creative Writing - Poetry: A practice in the forms of poetry; great for the beginner! (Eng 049C Compressed Hybrid)
  • From Story to Screen: Learn how to transform a story into a film script (Eng 052)
  • Creative Writing: Play and Screenwriting (Eng 049D)