Why Choose Architectural Drafting?

Students in this program will demonstrate entry-level skills for employment in the drafting and construction industry as a manual or computer-aided drafter in architectural and building design offices, as well as in developer and building contractor offices, energy consultants, and other related sub-trades where plan reading and preparation is required. Completing this of the program will give you the skills useful for employment and/or prepare you for transfer to university level architecture programs!

Students work in Architectural Drafting class

Job Titles and Career Information

Studying Architectural Drafing can lead to a variety of different jobs or careers. Click on a job title to find out career information such as average salaries, employment rates and more!

Certificate and Degree Options


  • Architectural Drafting Certificate of Achievement


  • Architectural Drafting, AS

For certificate and degree requirements, please visit the College Catalog.

Who is teaching Architectural Drafting?

  • Gary Cathcart (Adjunct)
  • George Rodriguez (Adjunct)