CAT Curriculum

Associate in Science Degree

78 Semester Units

The Caterpillar Service Technology program is designed to prepare entry-level service technicians for Caterpillar dealerships throughout the world. During this full-time two-year program, the student will develop the skills needed to be productive with little on-the-job training after graduation. Each semester will consist of eight weeks of classroom and eight weeks of required paid internship. To be considered for the program, each candidate must take the San Joaquin Delta College academic placement test to determine appropriate class placement. Applications will be screened by Caterpillar dealerships for program selection; a Caterpillar dealer will sponsor each enrollee.

Applicants not selected for sponsorship into the Caterpillar Service Technology program are encouraged to enroll in the Heavy Equipment Technology program or Diesel Equipment Technology program.

For course descriptions, please view the college catalog.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester

Course Number Course Name Units
CAT 80 Caterpillar Service Industry 3
CAT 81 Caterpillar Engine Fundamentals 4
CAT 21 Agricultural Welding 2
ECE 26 Child, Family & the Community 3
CAT 69V Internship I 4
  Semester Total 16

Spring Semester

Course Number Course Name Units
CAT 82 Fundamentals of Hydraulics 3
CAT 83 Caterpillar Engine Fuel Systems 3
CAT 84 Fundamentals of Electrical Systems 3
NR 2 Environmental Science 3
BUS 20 Introduction to Business 3
CAT 69V Internship II 4
  Semester Total 19

Summer Semester

Course Number Course Name Units
CAT 85 Caterpillar Air Conditioning 2
CAT 86 Fundamentals of Caterpillar Power Trains 3
CAT 87 Caterpillar Machine Hydraulic Systems 3
  Semester Total 8


Fall Semester

Course Number Course Name Units
CAT 90 Caterpillar Undercarriage and Final Drive 3
CAT 91 Caterpillar Machine Electronic 3
ENG 1A Written Communications 3
POLSCI 1 American Government and Institutions 3
COM ST 1A Fundamentals of Speech 3
CAT 69V Internship III 4
  Semester Total 19

Spring Semester

Course Number Course Name Units
CAT 92 Caterpillar Engine Performance 2
CAT 93 Diagnostic Testing Systems 2
CAT 94 Caterpillar Machine Specific Systems 2
ENG 30 The Film as Literature 3
BUS 67 Applied Mathematical Concepts 4
CAT 69V Internship IV 4
  Semester Total 16