Financial Aid for the CAT Program

Financial assistance through loans or grants, for college fees, books, room and board, may be available through various financial assistance programs. Students needing financial assistance are encouraged to complete the applications for financial aid as early as possible. Following application submittal, allow an 8-10 week period for processing. Early application assures availability of funds, if qualified, and allows the Financial Aid office to prepare a realistic financial aid package.

Dealer-Intern Salary Structure

Participating students will earn a pre-agreed upon wage from the sponsoring dealer. For further information, contact the sponsoring dealership.


Dealers will provide a loaner/starter set of tools to the student for use at the dealership throughout the program. The starter tool kit is valued at $6,000. The use of these tools are contingent upon mutually agreed upon, acceptable performance at the school and during the intern periods.


College students will be provided with dealer uniforms (shirts/pants) to be worn while attending classes. Students will be responsible for caring and laundering these uniforms. While working as an intern at the dealership, the dealer-specific uniform policy will apply.

Safety Equipment

Personal protective equipment, and/or safety related items will be provided to the student according to the established policies and procedures at the sponsoring dealership.