CAT Program Admissions

How to Apply

All applicants must complete the following supporting documents in addition to an application from the CAT dealer in your area.

  1. Contact the representative for the Caterpillar dealer in your area and request an information packet on the program.
  2. Return the completed dealer application materials found in the packet.
  3. Interview with your local CAT dealer and be accepted for sponsorship.
  4. Complete an Application for Admission to San Joaquin Delta College.
  5. Complete the San Joaquin Delta College Academic Assessment Exam.
    • Applicants must have a minimum reading and comprehension level of II or higher, or the equivalent.
  6. Complete mechanical aptitude testing.
    • Applicants may contact the dealership to schedule a mechanical aptitude testing appointment.

After You Apply - The Selection Procedure

  • Candidates completing the admissions process are eligible to interview with a sponsoring CAT dealership based on their application and supporting documentation.
  • The interview will take place at one of the sponsoring dealerships. The candidate should be prepared to discuss education and employment goals during the interview.
  • Should the interview prove successful, the CAT dealer coordinator will notify SJDC Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician Program coordinator of the agreement to sponsor the applicant. Upon dealer acceptance, screened applicants will receive a provisional acceptance into the program from SJDC.
  • Final acceptance into the program will be made upon successfully completing the required drug and physical testing components.
  • The dealerships will notify the applicant of final acceptance.
  • An orientation will be provided at the college as well as at the sponsoring dealership for selected students enrolled in the Caterpillar Dealer Service Technology Program prior to the start of the summer semester.
  • A program handbook will be provided outlining the program policies and procedures. This will serve as a guide for each student to follow in order to maintain a good standing while in this program. Program requirements such as attendance and absences, student conduct, grievance policy of the school, and other such policies are addressed in this handbook. Every student enrolled in the Caterpillar Service Technology Program must read the entire handbook and refer to it as often as necessary.​