CAT Internships

Internship Objectives

A list of objectives has been determined for each internship period that corresponds with the preceding classroom learning objectives. This list includes the key activities the intern should experience during the internship at their sponsoring dealer. Each internship will vary as to the availability of all the specified objectives. However, this list of objectives should be the guide for planning each internship so that as many of the objectives as possible can be accomplished. A checkoff signature with the date for each objective accomplished with serve as a record of these experiences and will be used to ensure that the appropriate instruction has been achieved. The objectives not accomplished during the program can be used to plan for future training needs.

Dealer Internship

This paid internship allows students to apply what they have learned during their classroom/lab sessions, in a "real world" setting. In addition, students will become familiar with the dealership environment, its organizational structure, and the competencies that are expected of a professional service technician. Upon completion of eight weeks of classroom instruction at SJDC, student technicians will complete eight weeks of internship at their sponsoring dealership, earning four units of college credit. The internship requirements include:

  • Completing a list of learning objectives
  • Keeping an Internship Logbook
  • Performance evaluations by the supervisor and internship coordinator

Intern Logbook

The logbook will provide the intern with a record of his/her learning accomplishments and will be part of the final course grade for the internship. It will be used by the dealer program coordinator, dealer internship coordinator, and the dealer program instructor to assess the learning experiences of the intern, and will also help to ensure that the objectives of the internship have been satisfied. The Intern Log Book consists of:

  • Dealer information
  • Contact information
  • A list of objectives for the internship period
  • Personal safety reminders
  • Service report sheets to record daily accomplishments.

Recording the intern's daily activities in a logbook helps keep track of his/her daily learning experiences during the dealership internship. This may include a short summary of activities performed, equipment used, system used, people contacted, training achieved or any other event that has significance relating to the internship. The service report should be considered as a tool to record anything that the intern feels is related to his/her learning experience. The intern should also fill out a regular service report for the work they perform at the dealership, when appropriate.

Internship Coordinator

The internship coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all students have equal opportunities to meet the program objectives and that all are progressing at the same rate. The internship coordinator will have input in evaluations and will be the main liaison between the college instructor and the dealership regarding student internships.

Internship Evaluations

In addition to the list of internship objectives, each intern will be given a minimum of two formal evaluations by their supervisor per internship period. An evaluation by the mentor should also be given, if available. The student will also complete an evaluation of the dealer at the conclusion of the eight-week period. Student evaluations are scheduled as follows:

  • Evaluation No. 1: Four week point
  • Evaluation No. 2: Eight week point

Dealer Program Visits

A Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician Program Instructor will visit each student during his or her internship to check on learning objectives and needed areas of improvement. The program instructor will assign a grade to the student's internship worth four units of college credit based on the evaluations, dealer visits and the student's logbook.