Computers, Printing & Copying

The Library offers a variety of technology services to support you in your academics. We have desktop computers available for you to use during your visit to the Library as well as Chromebooks available to borrow. Have something to print or copy? Stop by the library and use one of our copiers or printers!

Computer, Copy and Print Services
Chromebooks for Check-Out

Chromebook computers are available for Delta students only at SJDC Library.

Chromebook Details

  • The Chromebook package includes a Chromebook, power supply and carrying case.
  • Chromebooks will run up to 11 hours on one charge.
  • There are no moving parts, and no hard drive.
  • There are 2 USB slots and 1 SD slot , if you need to transfer files (or save a file offline).
  • There is also a HDMI port, to connect to A/V devices (with your own HDMI cable).
  • To get the most out of a Chromebook you need a Wireless Internet connection and a Google login, which gives you access to Google Drive, easy-to-use software and free cloud storage. Learn More

Check-Out a Chromebook

Reserve a PC

Reserve A PC

Goleman Libray has several Desktop Computers available for you to use during your visit. Use the form below to reserve a computer before your visit to ensure its available!

Printers and Copiers

Printers and Copiers

  • Printers are located on second floor, near the Circulation Desk.
  • Copy machines are located in The Copier Room (G216), on second floor.
  • Printing is available only from Library computers.
  • There is no printing available directly from your personal computer.
  • There is a "Quick Print" PC near the Circulation Desk, from which you can access Student e-mail, Gmail, Canvas, Etudes, Student schedules, and Docushare.

Costs and Copy Card

  • The Copy Card itself costs $0.50. Once purchased, the card belongs to the purchaser.
  • New Copy Cards can be paid for with either a $1.00 bill (5 copies) or a $6.00 Credit/Debit (50 copies).
  • Cash purchase is available at the Card Vending machine near the printers.
  • Credit/debit purchase is available at the Goleman Library Circulation desk only.
  • Copies and prints cost 10¢ each.
  • Reload value to your copy card with $1.00 or $5.00 cash at the Card Vending machine.
  • Reload value to your copy card with $5.50 credit/debit at the Goleman Circulation Desk. (NOTE: Any existing value on your card will be erased during this process!)
  • Do not add more than $5.00 value to your card. Delta College will not refund card values above $5.00. Delta College is not responsible for lost or damaged Copy Cards.