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EBSCO Faculty Select OER (Open Educational Resources)

EBSCO Faculty Select is a database that saves time and streamlines the search for Open Educational Resources (OER) by searching numerous OER platforms. Using a single interface, faculty can search for and access quality open textbooks and OER. Faculty can also transform their courses with OER and help to ease the burden of cost on the students. Once you find the materials you are searching for, EBSCO Faculty Select also makes it easy to adopt an open textbook or OER for your course.  EBSCO Faculty Select also enables faculty to search and request high quality, library licensed e-books from top academic publishers.

If you have any questions about EBSCO Faculty Select or OER, feel free to contact Daniel Ng at or call (209) 954-5151

Ebsco Faculty Select


Course or subject-specific customized websites. Provide your students guidance in using library resources, research, and citation.

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