Mail Room Services

Mail Room Services oversees the accurate collection and distribution of mail. Please remember, Mail Room Services are for DISTRICT MAIL ONLY, and should not be used for personal mail.

Mail Services Request Form


Bulk Mailings

A bulk mailing request form is required for any special services and/or mailing over 200 pieces.

Certified, Overnight, and International Mail

The United States Postal Service is picked up at 11:00 am daily, if you require mailings to be sent by the courier, it must be ready by 10:30 am daily for same day service.  


Mailboxes are available for full-time faculty and departments/divisions without daily delivery only; full-time faculty mailboxes are located outside the Administration Building. If staff is having issues opening their mailbox please send an email to

Mail Distribution

The Purchasing Team picks up and delivers department/division mail during the package delivery route daily. Full-time faculty mail is distributed in mailboxes daily.   

Mail Drop Location

Mail intended for the United States Postal Service, Inter-campus and Mountain House may be dropped off at the Mail Drop Box, located outside the Administration Building. The Purchasing Team also picks up and delivers Department/Division mail once a day during the package delivery route.

Mail Preparation

Departments are responsible for preparing, addressing and filling out forms for the type of service requested, if required.

Mailing Supplies

Mailing supplies are available in Danner Basement, Shipping and Receiving window from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm daily. Supplies can also be requested via email at and be sent via inter-campus mail.

Outgoing Mail

MUST BE in the Mail Drop Box by 10:30 am daily to ensure accurate metering. Mail dropped off after 10:30 am will be processed the next business day. The United States Postal Services and Mountain House courier arrives on campus at 11:00 am daily.  Mail picked up by The Purchasing Team during the package delivery route, will be processed the next business day.


Contact Us

Contact the Purchasing team via email at or call (209) 954-5017 between 9:30am – 11:30am or (209) 954-5065 between 8:00am – 5:00pm