Contracts Documents

  • Insurance Requirements [Sample]
    Sample of a certificate of insurance and additional insured policy endorsement (COI), indicating the insurance requirements of San Joaquin Delta Community College District. An authorized representative must sign the COI on behalf of the insurer. The District, reserves the right to require less and/or additional insurance coverage and/or limits based on the work or service being performed. Requestors may work with the Purchasing and Contracts Services department on exemptions to the coverage and/or limits.
  • Service Agreement Checklist
    Departments/TrAC offices who intend to engage in a Services Agreement $5,001 and over,
    No Cost Agreement or Revenue Agreement MUST complete this checklist.
  • Service Matrix
    Document developed to aide staff identify requirements for service expenditures, before submission to the Purchasing and Contract Services department.
  • Supplier Registration Form/W9
    To comply with Internal Revenue Code Section 6109, Suppliers are required to complete, sign and submit a supplier information form/W9 to San Joaquin Delta College, before issuance of a purchase order or payment.


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