Library Card

Library Card

A Delta College Library card gives you access to services at Goleman Library! For currently registered Delta College Students, their issued Delta ID cards are also their library cards. Library cards are available to community members who reside within the district.

How to Receive Your Library Card

Currently Registered Delta College Students must have their issued Delta ID cards, which serve as their library cards. 

To receive a library card, Community Members (Non-student) must bring a proper form of identification (see lists below) to the Circulation desk at the Library.

Community Members (Non-student) who reside within the District

  • Proof of Residence within District required (address on government-issued ID will suffice)
  • Current California DMV Driver's license, or
  • Current California DMV Identification Card, or
  • Current United States Passport.

Library Card Details

  • All material charged to the San Joaquin Delta College Library Card is the responsibility of the cardholder.
  • If you lose your Delta ID card, or damage the material, immediately report to the Circulation/Reserve Desk.
  • Overdue Notices will be sent an e-mail reminder when items are one, seven, and fourteen days overdue.
  • Library patrons who owe $20.00 or more in library fees or have four or more overdue items cannot have any library materials checked out or held for them
  • For the protection of all library users, you must have your physical Delta ID card/library card in hand to receive service.
  • Replacing the Student ID card costs $5.00 and must be paid at the Cashier's Office on the Stockton campus.
  • Delinquent library user accounts that owe $40 or more for longer than a two-week period will:
    • Be referred to a collection agency,
    • Will be charged a non-refundable $15.00 collection fee, and
    • May be denied future borrowing privileges.
  • All fine and fees are paid at the Circulation Desk.
  • Damaged and paid-for materials that need replacement are library property and will not be returned to the patron.