Composition Sequence and Accelerated Paths

The English Composition Sequence at Delta College helps you develop college-level literary skills. Courses must be taken in a sequential order. Your English Assessment will determine where in the sequence you need to begin.

The English Composition Sequence


ENG 078A:

This career pathways course is designed to improve reading and writing while building background knowledge for entry level in the workforce. The student learns comprehension techniques, vocabulary, and writing skills needed for vocational and college courses. 

ENG 078B:

This contextualized course is designed to prepare students for the literacy demands of career and higher education. The course includes reading and writing in response to a variety of expository texts and reviews basic rules of grammar and usage to develop skills in paragraph and essay writing. 

ENG 079:

This pre-collegiate course, one level below college composition, requires students to read, analyze, and respond to texts in order to write coherent essays composed of developed paragraphs. 

ENG 001A:

This course is a transfer-level, college freshman English composition course comparable to those courses offered by the state college and university systems.

Select the path to Eng 001A that is best for you based on your assessment levels.


Accelerated Paths
Eng 094: Accelerated Pre-Transfer Level Composition and Reading

Read/Comp 1 or 2 is required for the course

This course is designed to prepare students for reading and writing on the college-level. Students will gain the skills and strategies they need to comprehend college-level texts and produce academic essays that demonstrate that they are ready for college work. Successful completion of this course will allow students to enroll directly into English 001A. 

Who should enroll in Eng 094D?

  • Students at any reading or writing level
  • Highly motivated students who can handle the rigors of an accelerated course
Eng 095: Intensive Reading and Composition Lab

This lab class offers intensive instruction in writing, research, reading, and critical thinking skills to promote success in a concurrent English 001A course. This course allows a qualified Composition Level II student to bypass English 079. 

Who should enroll in Eng 001A + Eng 095?

  • Students who are Comp Level III and want more support: students who have newly assessed into Eng 001A, passed Eng 079, or need to re-take Eng 001A
  • Students who are Comp Level II: motivated students who assess into Eng 079, did not pass Eng 079 but believe they can succeed in 001A with support, or pass Eng 078B