Course Outlines

San Joaquin Delta College Course Outlines


Instructions for locating a course outline in the Delta College CurricUNET curriculum management system:

  1. You will not need a username or password.
  2. After you have selected "Click here for Outlines" below, the CurricUNET window will open.
  3. Scroll down the left hand column to "Search", and select "Course".
  4. In the Course Search box, select the Department from the drop-down menu labeled "Department & Course Number".
  5. Enter the course number you wish to locate. Ignore all other data boxes and select "OK".
    (Option: Leave the course number block blank and select "OK" to view a list of all departmental courses).
  6. Select "co" to view, print and/or save the outline.

View Course Outlines in CurricUNET