1998 Pull Quotes

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Pull Quotes

  • The "Mom" Dress
    "My mother and I looked like morbidly mutant twins from the fantasy of some sadistic horror writer."
  • Humbled and Homesick
    "The blade missed my neck by inches."
  • Every Girl's Dream
    "The perfect little child I always wanted was not even close to being perfect."
  • Le Jour Des Rois
    "The person who finds the ceramic figurine becomes the King/Queen of the day and wears a gold-toned paper crown."
  • The Right Shoes Equal Acceptance
    "I was going into the fourth grade that year, and I was happier than a worm in a basket full of apples."
  • Schools Gone Bad
    "It is important for kids to play, but there should always be time for learning."
  • The World of Reading
    "So pick up a book and enjoy a new world filled with all kind of wonder."
  • Bilingual Education--Not So Impossible
    "The better we educate immigrants--our newest assets--the more productive they will become."
  • Black Cherries
    "The beautiful pie was on the windowsill when my grandfather went over, still warm to the touch, unlike the Joneses."
  • Grandmother's Gift
    "I curled my toes in my socks against the cold, curving, pedestal of the dining table, trying to wish the thought away."
  • Kennedy Meadows
    "The monumental granite mountains that surrounded the valley where my dad taught me the art of camping and fishing seemed like a distant dream."
  • Nothing Wrong Can Happen
    "After I realized the responsibilities that adults actually have, I wish that I had not been so eager to become one of them."
  • Nascar--Fast Ads
    "That alone brings about 3 million dollars a year to both driver and sponsors."