The study of mass communication was once focused on three core distribution systems: newspapers, television and radio. Today's professionals are tasked with relaying messages across various multimedia platforms on the Internet, often with less oversight as speed becomes more essential to relay content. In Delta College's Mass Communication/Journalism program, you will learn fundamental skills while also building communication portfolios to take to the next level - whether directly to the job market or with further study at a four-year college.

In addition to a core class focusing on an introduction to the subject matter, students are offered practical application through work on the award-winning campus newspaper and newspaper website, The Collegian-SJDC Student Newspaper

Certificate and Degree Options

Mass Communication and Journalism courses are designed to develop a strong base of knowledge and skills that will serve as a foundation for further study of Mass Communication/Journalism. Those who are pursuing a career may choose to complete an Associate in Arts degree and then transfer to a California State University (CSU) with a major in Mass Communication/Journalism.


  • Multimedia Certificate of Achievement


  • Journalism, AA-T
  • Multimedia, AA

For certificate and degree requirements, please visit the College Catalog.

Job Titles and Career Information

Studying journalism and mass communication can lead to a variety of different jobs or careers. Click on a job title to find out career information such as average salaries, employment rates and more!