Remote Work

Introducing a progressive approach to work, San Joaquin Delta College has implemented a remote work policy to adapt to the changing times. This policy empowers employees to work from locations outside the traditional office setting, promoting flexibility and work-life balance. By embracing remote work, the college aims to enhance productivity, foster collaboration, and provide a supportive environment for its staff.

The use of a working remotely arrangement can assist management and employees in economically and effectively accomplishing the mission of the district in the following ways:

  • Improve program effectiveness and employee productivity and morale;
  • Facilitate optimum utilization of the office space and parking facilities;
  • Reduce absenteeism;
  • Promote employee health and wellness;
  • Improve employee recruitment and retention;
  • Improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion;
  • Enhance the working life and opportunities of persons with disabilities;
  • Effectively continue business as part of a disaster recovery or emergency plan.

Where to Begin

Remote Work Process Flowchart

  • Understanding the Policies
  • Eligibility Criteria
    • High demand remote specialized technical position in education (see Handbook)
    • Work is not student-facing or public-facing
    • All work responsibilities within this job classification and services can be performed remotely
    • Other employees will not be required to assume any duties remote employee 
    • Remote employee does not handle physical confidential materials and all other confidential materials can be handled appropriately and securely 
    • Remote employee will maintain all productivity metrics for this job classification 
    • Immediate supervisor/Dean and appropriate Vice President recommends remote work for this job classification 
    • Immediate supervisor/Dean and appropriate Vice President recommends remote work for this employee within this job classification 
    • Remote work does not exceed 90 percent of the employee’s working time 
    • Proposed schedules for remote work must be approved by the appropriate Vice President and Superintendent
    • New remote employee will work for 60 days in person prior to being authorized to work remotely 
    • Must reside in California after employment
  • Approval Process
    • Approval must be completed prior to the start of the employee's remote work schedule by execution and submission of a Working Remotely Agreement, a Safety Checklist, and a Supervisor's Checklist to Human Resources. Approval or denial of remote work assignment is based on the discretion of the Supervisor and/or Area-VP.
    • It is the responsibility of the supervisor to obtain Area-VP and President’s signatures prior to Smartsheet submission.
  • Renewal and/or Termination
    • Agreement to work remotely must be renewed annually (employees approved to work remote are not guaranteed continuous remote assignment)
    • Employee may discontinue the remote work assignment at any time upon written or verbal notice to supervisor
    • Management/Supervisor may terminate an individual employee’s participation at any time (see Handbook for details)

Remote Work Handbook


Steps and Forms for Requesting Remote Work

  • Complete Training via Keenan SafeColleges
  • Complete the remote work courses on your to-do list
  • Download certificates of completion for submission with your request

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