SLPA Application

The online application will be available during posted submission dates. All communication from the Health Science Division Office with Delta SLPA Program applicants will be sent to the student’s regular Delta College email account.

Applications are accepted twice each year for entry into the SLPA programs for the following semester. Because of limited space to place students in community programs for clinical experiences, some restrictions may exist. Once accepted into the program, the student will receive further information pertaining to background and health clearance requirements that must be completed prior to beginning fieldwork. The additional information will be sent by email in a packet of instructions prior to registration dates for the upcoming semester. 

Who does NOT need to apply to the program

The introductory courses in the program are open to all students at all times. COMM DIS 001A: Introduction to Communication Disorders and COMM DIS001B: Speech Language and Hearing Development may be taken without acceptance into the SLPA Program.

Those who intend to transfer to University Bachelor’s degree programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders, but do not want to complete the requirements for SLPA licensure at this time, may take these classes but do not need to apply to the SLPA Program. Students may also take these introductory courses as an elective or out of interest/curiosity in pursuing a career in Speech Language Pathology without applying to the program. 

Who DOES need to apply to the program

There are two groups of students who need to apply to the program.:

  • SLPA AS degree-seeking students
  • Advanced Placement SLPA students (You have completed a BA/BS in Communication Sciences and Disorders or Speech Language Pathology with a minimum GPA of 2.75 or higher)