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The Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) program is a state-funded program of support services which are designed to be above and beyond the scope of other services offered by the college.

These services are specifically designed for students who are economically and educationally disadvantaged.

History of EOPS

In 1969, the late State Senator Alfred Alquist (D-San Jose) authored Assembly Bill 164/69, which allocated state funds to create the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) in the California Community College system. This legislation made available state funding to develop programs which would provide community college access to thousands of students disadvantaged by social, economic or linguistic circumstances.

How do I qualify for EOPS?

Before a student is declared eligible for the EOPS Program the student must qualify the following criteria:

  1. Be a resident of California, as defined by the Education Code.
  2. Be enrolled in 12 units; waiting list classes will not count (unit exceptions may be available for DSPS participant, speak to an EOPS staff member for details).
  3. Have completed less than 40 degree applicable units in any combination of post-secondary higher education institutions. Students who have attended other colleges/universities must submit an unofficial transcript from each institution with your EOPS application (transcripts will not be returned).
  4. Qualify to receive the California College Promise Grant (Formerly BOG Fee Waiver), A and B or C if EFC = 0
  5. Be educationally disadvantaged as determined by EOPS Regulations. (must qualify under at least one):
    • Assessment into a basic skills Math, English, or ESL course, or have taken remedial courses
    • Not have graduated from high school or obtained the General Education Diploma (GED)
    • Graduated from high school with a less than 2.50 GPA (student must submit an unofficial high school transcript with EOPS application, the transcript will not be returned).
    • Previously enrolled in remedial classes
    • Special Admissions includes first-generation college students, ESL, recently emancipated Foster Youth and underrepresented groups.

What services does EOPS offer Students?

Orientation Programs and Registration Services

  • EOPS Program Orientation for new students
  • Priority registration
  • EOPS Students Success Seminars

Counseling Services

  • Assessment of educational history
  • Academic advisement related to certificate programs, associate degree requirements and university transfer programs
  • Career testing and interpretation services for career planning assistance
  • Personal counseling
  • Specialized courses built for and offered to EOPS student population

Transfer Services

  • University admissions fee waivers
  • University transfer-related workshops
  • University campus tours

Retention Services

  • Textbook vouchers
  • Supplemental tutoring services
  • Mid-semester academic progress reports
  • Cap and Gown Service for graduates
  • Transportation Assistance: bus pass and parking permit service
  • Financial Grants
  • Program Compliance Grant


Students can apply for all three programs using a single application, which filters them to the appropriate opportunities!

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