Frequently Asked Questions

1. As an EOPS student, am I required to enroll in 12 units every semester?

EOPS students are required to enroll in 12 or more units. Unit exceptions may be available for DSPS participants. Please speak to an EOPS staff member for details.


2. Do I have to re-apply for EOPS each academic year?

EOPS students once qualified for EOPS maintain their EOPS eligibility, for a maximum of 6 consecutive semesters or until they have earned 70 degree applicable units. EOPS students who withdraw from college for one or more semesters must re-apply to the EOPS Program, and lose their continued EOPS eligibility.


3. Does not having a high school diploma or GED disqualify me from being in the EOPS Program?

EOPS students are not required to have a high school diploma or GED in order to qualify for EOPS. Not having a high school diploma or GED will affect a student's eligibility for federal financial aid. The federal government requires, as a condition of receiving federal financial aid that students have a GED or high school diploma or that they take and pass the Ability to Benefit examination, which is administered in the Delta College Assessment Center.


4. If I am disqualified from the Delta College Financial Aid Program, as a result of a defaulted student loan or being placed on financial aid disqualification as a result of academic or progress probation, will also lose my eligibility for EOPS?

No. Financial aid disqualification means disqualification from EOPS financial grants, but not necessarily disqualification from receiving EOPS economic services.


5. Do I need an appointment to talk to someone about the EOPS Program?

No. You can visit the EOPS Service Counter and talk to a staff member. The EOPS Service Counter is located in the Counseling & Special Services Center, on the 2nd floor of the DeRicco Student Services Building.


6. What steps do I take to make an EOPS counselor appointment?

Once accepted into EOPS, go to the DeRicco Student Services Building, 2nd Floor, EOPS Counter and speak with a staff member. The first thing that we ask is the reason(s) you have come in. If there is an EOPS counselor in particular who you would like to see, or if you do not have a preference for who you would like to see, you will be given the first available appointment time that matches your schedule.

You will be issued an appointment confirmation sheet with a Counselor's name, date and time of appointment. On the day of the appointment, we ask you check-in about 10 minutes before your scheduled time at the EOPS Counter.