2011 Pull Quotes

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Pull Quotes

  • Letter from the Editors
  • Changes in Life
    When marriages cannot be salvaged, they are usually dissolved by the same elders who represented the bride and groom at the wedding.
  • I Have a DREAM
    Lastly, the DREAM Act should be passed because it would allow young individuals the opportunity to get an education and to further benefit the community.
  • My Mother=Me
    They made me change everything about myself. They were the Goths, the freaks, the loners, whatever you choose to call them, but they were my friends.
  • Small Asian Woman
    She walked through miles of battlefields and jungles, treading carefully around mines, so that one day I might walk freely on the paved streets and sidewalks of America.
  • The Bused In Kida
    We were seen only as a problem—ten buses of baby-making, ESL, underachieving gangsters.
  • The King Dead on the Throne: An Analytical Comparison of Elvis Presley's and Kurt Cobain's Legacies after Death
    When Elvis died, . . . a new legacy began: that of the overweight has-been who spent the last minutes of his life on the toilet.
  • The Proposal
    The proposed DREAM Act would also provide unjust tuition favors that law-abiding foreigners and out-of-state students are denied.
  • The Truest Gift
    Our home was prone to spontaneously become a war zone, in which the main combatants were my daughter and I.
  • Treating Members of the Disabled Population as Our Equals
    All etiquette involving communicating and interacting with people with disabilities revolves around respect and courtesy.
  • Where Does It End?
    Eventually because of the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, her family migrated to Stockton. They left everything else they ever knew to start a new life, but they kept their racial bias.