2011 Letter from the Editors

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Letter from the Editors

A Google search of "delta winds" can surprise even us. At a university in Nigeria, a vice-chancellor researches the evolution of higher education models throughout history. Sitting in his office, Dr. Is-haq Oloyede scans the Internet for a student's perspective to add to his report. On the other side of the globe, just minutes from Stockton, California, in the town of Ripon, a writer of a church newsletter seeks information about a church member -- a recent graduate from Delta College. What do these two dedicated researchers have in common? Both writers discovered Delta Winds. Both found the information they needed in essays by Delta College students.

In "Diversity Education Models and Implications for the South," Dr. Oloyede states, "anyone who has passed through higher education is expected to be wise, to be skilled and to be competent." He argues for diversity in higher education, especially in this age of globalization. In his paper, the vice-chancellor of the University of Ilorin refers to Dung Nguyen's essay "True Purpose of College and Higher Education" from the 2000 volume of Delta Winds. He supports Nguyen's view that without diversity and interaction, students lose their interest in learning. In Ripon, meanwhile, a church member locates Rosaline Smith's published essay "Woman Like Me" in the 2008 volume of Delta Winds. The June 2008 "Caring and Sharing Newsletter" of the First Ripon Christian Reformed Church applauds recent graduates for their accomplishments and highlights Rosaline Smith's interpretation of an Edwidge Danticat short story. The newsletter editor states, "We are proud of you, Rose, and pleased to share some excerpts from [your] essay."

A vice-chancellor in Nigeria and an editor of a local church newsletter both found something worth noting. We are delighted that this magazine of student essays continues to attract individuals from various locales. We value their interest in the magazine, and we welcome you and others to find what you may be looking for in your reading of Delta Winds.