2008 Letter from the Editors

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Letter from the Editors

In the past, Delta Winds writers have been republished by Bedford/St. Martins, Roxbury Press, and Thomson Press. Recently, Longman, Norton, and Holt, Rinehart and Winston have followed suit in discovering the quality of work by Delta College authors. In this year's volume, we wish to celebrate recent accomplishments by our "alumni." From the 2005 volume of Delta Winds, Bryan Tortolani's "Macho-Man-An In-depth Analysis of the Prejudices of Disability" has been reprinted in Short Takes, by Elizabeth Penfield and published by Longman in 2007. First published in Delta Winds in 2004, "My Technologically-Challenged Life," by Monica Wunderlich has been reprinted in Once More to the Lake, by Thomas Cooley and published by W.W. Norton, 2008. Holt, Rinehart and Winston has expressed interest in reprinting excerpts from Melody Nelson's "Hooked on 'Caramel-Colored Gold,'" published in 2002 by Delta Winds. Finally, Shafeeq Sadiq was asked to update his essay "Racism and Sexism in Advertising," originally published in 1997 in Delta Winds, for the 8th edition of The Compact Reader, by Jane Aaron, for Bedford/St. Martin's in 2008. Through widespread use in popular textbooks, Delta Winds essays continue to appeal to readers not only in the community but also in the far corners of college campuses across the country.